Native Napolitan, when he was 20 he sailed the Atlantic for the first time.

Brilliant and reliable guy, a whole point in the yachting world, the Captain Dario Savino ( 54 years old, born in Naples ) started his career at 20 sailing the Atlantic.
“I choose this path for my life because I’ve always had a big passion for sea – the Captain Dario Savino says – The first time I went to sea I was on board Swan 57, a yacht owned by an American. That was a wonderful experience on board a wonderful yacht as well.
Looking back on my path, I’m thinking about a lot of memories. I can remind you my first time in Antigua in 1984. Overnight, sailing the Atlantic, when i have been hauling the spinnaker down, I fell off the yacht! My worst memories of my period at the sea, was in Palma. When we have been taking part in a regatta, we have lost a sailor who have been using illegal drugs. Focused on the race, we forgot to take care of him. He was too young…”
With a great experience at the sea, the Captain Savino describes the Mediterranean as a ” huge aquarium” and a big credit to Italy : ” Our small ports, little villages, the food, art, fashion, museums, wine…these are our main features who are still attracting people from all over the world”.
For 10 years Dario Savino has been leading a superyacht “Codecasa” 51 meters long. It is owned by valued people involved in fashion world, but we respect individual privacy that is a basic rule in yachting world. They would like to sail without being disturbed by paparazzi. A lot of shipowners are still in love with Mediterranean and places surrounding it. They are used to moor in Naples to the Marina Molo Luise, but Capri ( the best place for night parties and exclusive events ) as well.
” Everybody loves something or someone, or they have a point person for their life, – the Captain Savino says – the Captain Giovanni Maresca is my point person”.



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