Behind the scenes with the Hot Lab team on the stunning interior design of 41.9m MY Kaşif

The talented team at Italian design studio Hot Lab are no strangers to creating exquisite yacht interiors at the very centre of bespoke, so when they were approached to develop the interior for a new 41.9-metre explorer yacht being built at renowned Turkish superyacht yard Bilgin Yachts they took it all in their stride. But this was to be no ordinary project.
From highly experienced owners who stayed central to the project to the design, engineering and shipbuilding prowess of Unique Yacht Design and Bilgin Yachts, the resulting yacht would not only forge a path for a new model of explorer but would also do so with incredible attention to detail and finish in a perfect example of complementary collaboration.
First displayed at the 2023 Monaco Yacht Show last September, the 41.9-metre Kaşif – which translates from Turkish as ‘explorer’ – combines lithe yet purposeful styling with excellent hull efficiency, meaning she can offer her owners a 5,000-plus mile range at her economical cruising speed. Her owners have strong maritime shipping connections, and being a captain and an architect between them they had strong ideas both for the technical and the aesthetic design elements of Kaşif.
“We quickly realised that the preparation and dedication of the two owners – he a captain and she an architect – would require something more than our usual organisational procedure,” begins Enrico Lumini, Partner and Head of Design at Hot Lab. “The entire family is strictly related to the sea and the maritime world, and while the husband oversaw most of the technical matters, his wife collaborated closely with us in creating such a beautiful vessel. Of course, both have influenced us in the design in different ways, but their ideas and support have been crucial for the end result”.
Foto by Eray Altay

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