Meros Yachtsharing opens up the world of the luxury lifestyle with its Flexshare co-ownership model and Meros concierge

It can be hard to define what makes the yachting good life so good, and while it starts with enjoying everything a yacht offers – cruising interesting destinations and exploring new places on a highly customised yacht of your own – there’s also the owner lifestyle and world of luxury that comes with Meros.
Meros Yachtsharing, the pioneering yacht co-ownership company founded in 2019, offers two ways to immerse yourself in that lifestyle, both with its traditional Quarter quarter-share ownership model, and its revolutionary Flexshare model that prioritises flexibility and experience.
Indeed, Meros Flexshare offers more than just the convenience of a yacht whose management, crew and maintenance are all taken care of for you. It also gives access to the whole Meros fleet across various destinations, the choice of where to cruise and where to explore is wide open, without the hassle and cost of relocating your own yacht. The share price for a 28m yacht starts from 1.25 million euro.
That’s not all, though. The Flexshare programme places emphasis on experience, and the ultimate owner experiences are exactly what is offered with Flexshare being the home of the Meros concierge. From private client events, to attending iconic seasonal events. Flexshare owners can truly enjoy everything the yachting good life has to offer, with the convenience of being supported by a forward-thinking fractional ownership model and all that it can deliver.
For example, one of the Meros yachts, the 28m Sunseeker 95, is berthed annually trackside at the Monaco Grand Prix in May, with all co-owners invited to enjoy a weekend hosted by the platform. Or there’s White Turf in St Moritz, during which Meros members and co-owners enjoy an all-encompassing experience at the most unique horse race of the year. There are also chances for co-owners to enjoy Meros hospitality at events like the Dubai, Palm Beach and Cannes boat shows, or to be invited to annual seasonal parties like this years ‘World of Luxury’ season opening event that will celebrate the growing number of partners and owner community.
“The breadth of what we offer our co-owners in the Flexshare programme is staggering, from legendary calendar events like the trackside Monaco Grand Prix to the frozen lakes of St Moritz and the annual horse racing known as White Turf,” enthuses Georg Oehme, Managing Director of Meros Yachtsharing.
“With all these additional elements, including Meros concierge and exclusive benefits from our like minded partners such as Thirdhome and benefit from attractive rates of Netjets, it’s clear to see why the Flexshare model is so extraordinarily unique,” he continues. “This is a co-ownership platform that doesn’t just offer flexible, hassle-free yachting, but augments it to deliver experiences. Flexshare is about enjoying both the sea and the lifestyle – it’s a unique proposition in today’s market”.
Naturally, joining Meros doesn’t just mean the opportunity for sensational lifestyle extras – the company has placed its focus squarely on ensuring the yachtshare ownership experience and management is second to none. That includes, for Flexshare clients, the use of the expanding Meros fleet which – after its great success in 2023 in the Western Mediterranean – this year the fleet is expanding into the Eastern Mediterranean and the UAE. This eliminates the time and expense of moving a yacht between locations, instead providing Meros co-owners with varied cruising and easy exploration of new areas. The crew on board each Meros yacht, who take care of service, catering, and itinerary, comprises a captain, deckhand, stewardess, and a first-class personal chef.
Meros has developed its concept to optimise the ownership and use of larger yachts and to provide financially attractive conditions in collaboration with Sunseeker London Group, the European sales organisation, and industry experts. Meros is currently the only company in Europe to enable co-ownership of new Sunseeker superyachts managed by seasoned crews. The experienced Meros team takes care of yacht and crew operations, route planning and administration providing a service that extends well beyond mere asset management.
“The idea behind Meros Yachtsharing was to offer an alternative to sole yacht ownership that had as few compromises as possible and that guaranteed a true premium experience,” says Oehme. “After showing our new and highly customised 28-metre Sunseeker Meros Signature 95 during the 2024 Boot Dusseldorf show – presented with the brand ambassador and Meros member, Esteban Ocon, an F1 driver for Alpine BWT – I believe we have cemented our position as a forward-thinking company with an unparalleled co-ownership programme that is unique and sustainable, with the costs shared parallel to a co-owner’s usage. The client’s entire experience is the centre point of everything we do”.
Alongside Flexshare, Meros also offers a more traditional shared ownership platform with its Quarter share model – where each owner takes equivalent to a 25 percent stake, currently offered on a Sunseeker 86. Each co-owner has direct ownership of the privately registered vessel, with Meros supporting and managing the vessel, handling all communication and all matters to do with the crew. This delivers a turn-key, arrive-and-cast-off experience for enjoying the yacht, and complete peace of mind for the co-owners when not on board.
The company is also committed to environmental consciousness with an increasing capacity to use HVO-100 fuel across all new yachts. The initiative is supported by Repsol for distribution and MTU Rolls Royce for research and development.
Meros recently won the Luxury Lifestyle Award 2022 and 2023 in the Best Luxury Experience in Spain category, which proves the value of its revolutionary concept. LLA honours the best luxury goods and services worldwide each year.

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