MYBA has recently announced its new host venue for the MYBA Yacht Charter Show in 2017

MYBA Board Members
MYBA, the Worldwide Yachting Association, just recently announced that Barcelona and OneOcean Port Vell, has been selected as the new host venue for the MYBA Yacht Charter show beginning in 2017. The MYBA Charter Show is the most important international exhibition dedicated to charter professionals and super yachts, attended by the most prestigious charter agencies and brokers worldwide. It showcases a select number of luxury charter yachts and the most exclusive service providers to the yachting industry. It will take place from April 24 to 27, 2016.

MYBA, founded in 1984, is an internationally recognized professional organization whose members are involved in many aspects of the super yacht industry including brokerage, charter, technical management and the construction of large yachts. Over the years, as the super yacht industry has developed and grown, MYBA has taken a leadership role in the sector, working diligently at all levels of government and with maritime authorities to guide the industry to instituting industry wide best practices. In fact, both the MYBA Charter Agreement and MOA are considered today as the industry standard throughout the industry. Yacht owners and charterers benefit from the guidelines MYBA has established for yacht charter ensuring they are represented by experienced professionals.

The MYBA Charter Boat Shows Panel, lead by committee chairman James Graham-Cloete, along with committee members Adelheid Chirco, Patricia Codere, Sacha Williams, Katya Jaimes and Julie Bichon have worked diligently over the last year as MYBA evaluated new locations to hold the MYBA Charter Show beginning in 2017.

After careful deliberation, MYBA announced on June 14th that Barcelona had been selected as the location of the MYBA Charter Show for the next consecutive three years, selected ahead of its shortlisted competitor cities, Nice and Genoa. It was a tight race by all accounts and a very difficult selection.

Professional Yachting Services spoke with Fiona Maureso, President of MYBA, and James Graham-Cloete, Chair of the MYBA Charter Shows Panel, about the recent decision to move the MYBA Charter Show to Barcelona beginning in 2017.

James commented, “The decision to award the MYBA Charter Show to Barcelona was the result of a comprehensive survey across our members and previous attendees of the Show, followed by an in depth review of the myriad of factors which contribute to the overall success of the Show, both financially and from the perspective of all attendees.”

James also added, “Despite some significant beneficial changes to the regulations in Spain recently, the Spanish charter market is still very much in its infancy, compared to the established markets of France and Italy. Although we don’t expect that moving the MYBA Charter Show to Barcelona will create a tidal wave of change, we believe it will shine a spotlight on the Spanish charter market and hope it will encourage the pace of reform and continued easing of regulations for the region. We can see the Spanish charter market continuing to grow at a steady rate.”

One of the deciding factors in the decision is OneOcean Port Vell’s ability to accommodate up to 68 super yachts ranging from 22-190 meters. In addition accessibility to the city from all of Europe, and overseas, through Barcelona’s international airport was an important draw, which currently offers direct flights to 182 destinations. Barcelona also offers a large selection of suitable accommodations, with over 300 hotel rooms within a 3-kilometer radius of the marina.

Fiona commented, “I think the move to Barcelona is very exciting and we’re looking forward to working with the team at OOPV to produce a very high caliber show next year.”

The reaction from the superyacht industry throughout the Mediterranean has been overwhelmingly positive. As of the time of the announcement, new initiatives and plans were very much under discussion and the committee is evaluating new ways to innovate and improve the Show for participants and guests year on year.

MYBA Charter Show: April 24-27, 2017
Registration for the MYBA Charter Show in Barcelona will open on January 16, 2017

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