Friday 4th and Saturday 5th December – Young students from all over the Sorrento peninsula are going to sail around the Marine Protected Area “Punta Campanella” in the spirit of fishing, biology and cooking show.

Fishermen, biologists and chef will meet at the new event “Cambia Rotta…Segui l’Onda Blu”, next week end in Vico Equense, Piano di Sorrento e Massa Lubrense. The project is organised by Marine Protected Area “Punta Campanella” in order to let young students ( from primary and secondary school ) take part in meeting on fishing and aquaculture along the Sorrento coastline. The main protagonists at the event will be fishermen, biologists and chef who are going to tell and show their point of view about the sea.
“Friday 4th December, from 9,30 a.m. to 4,30 p.m. the students will be able to hear ( every hour ) fishermen’s speeches about fishing tecniques and the variety of fishes and shellfishes in our waters, – Tonino Miccio, Director of Marine Protected Area Punta Campanella, says – as good as biologists who will tell students the main features of the ocean floor and the importance of flora and fauna. Last but not least, the chef will cook a typical fish-based dish from their own country”.
A non-stop event, with a hourly classrooms exchange, from 9,30 a.m. to 4,30 p.m. in three different locations: Villa Angelina in Massa Lubrense, in the company of the biologist Rosa Linda Testa, the fisherman Agostino Sbaratta and the staff of the Slow-Food Tavern ” Lo Stuzzichino”; Antico Bagno Nettuno in Piano di Sorrento, in the company of the biologist Carmela Guidone, the fisherman Antonio Gargiulo and the staff of the restaurant “Fracatell”; Hotel Aequa in Vico Equense with the biologist Antonella Esposito, the fisherman Giovanni Manganaro and the staff of the Slow-Food restaurants “Torre Ferrano” and “Il Cellaio di Don Gennaro”.
The meeting will carry on the 5th December in Massa Lubrense, to Villa Angelina, with a conference on “Sea Resource” in the great company of the journalist of the Neapolitan newspaper “Il Mattino” Antonio Pane, expert on maritim tourism and harbour issues. Talking about food and fishing, speakers and cooking show, some experts on the environmental field will take part in the event, from 4,30 a.m. to 8,00 p.m. . Of course, there will be representatives of the Slow-Food Association, Naples University professors and chef who will let people savour typical tastes.


Antonino Miccio, Director of Marine Protected Area Punta Campanella

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